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Friday, 6 March 2015

Exciting Times for Zuma the Dog

It may have appeared in recent months that we have been quiet on our social network sites, but there is always something happening behind the scenes, at home and with business. Mummy is always heading off here and there. Meeting for this, meeting for that, but lately I see something big is happening and Mummy seems more excited than usual.

She has explained that some people in a country called China has taken a real interest in ME! Yay! GO ME! But I think she is referring to my clothing line. She has been talking at length with them for many months now and they would like to launch the brand in the Chinese market starting with their own stores and act as our agent to grow Zuma the Dog nationwide.

How exciting is that!?
This is such an awesome opportunity and with this will come some hard work and Mummy will now need to look at funding and investment to make this happen and she is even looking in to taking on a partner to complement the skills she already has. This will mean a real change for Zuma the Dog, a step up in the business world and a chance to step out on the worldwide market and become a real competitor in Children's clothing.

To get the ball rolling she has launched a Kickstarter campaign and hoping you will all like to have a hand in helping our little brand develop and achieve its potential in growing into the household name we know it can be.

Go on! Have a little look see at this link make a pledge and remember to share, share, share the love.

With Zuma the Dog in the Chinese marketplace we are really making progress with our vision.

Much Love as always

Zuma XX


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