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Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Mummy is at it again! A new book all about me and my escapades is out and we are really excited. Following my 9th birthday Mummy decided it was time to put something new out there for you all to enjoy. It's been some time in the making, many changes, tweaks and edits, but finally it's finished and ready for the world. The press release is out and here's what our clever marketing people have to say....................

Children’s brand Zuma the Dog is pleased to announce the release of their latest story book on Amazon.

New Kindle Edition
Embracing the tech world, this first kindle edition of their new picture book Zuma the Dog: The Dinosaur Guy is now available to pre-order on Amazon ahead of its launch date on 1st March. If you would like to review this book then brand owner Samantha Morgan invites you to email her at and the first 20 people will receive a FREE PDF version of the book.

“It’s been some time since we released a story book and looking forward to hearing the public’s reaction. We are so happy that our brand is able to extend into products outside the clothing line. It gives the brand real strength and longevity in a fickle and ever changing marketplace.”

You can search Samantha Bertish on Amazon to find all Zuma the Dog book releases and click here to go straight to our new release.

I hope that you enjoy our new book and look forward to seeing your reviews on Amazon.

Happy Valentine's Day and Much Love

Zuma XX

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