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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Charlotte's Web

Hi, it’s Charlotte here, the new intern here at Zuma the Dog HQ. I am afraid to inform you that Zuma has runaway, No only joking he has decided to take a little holiday for himself and enjoy doing what he loves best playing ball, running around, chasing people, the usual doggy things. So I’m afraid you’re stuck with me for this blog.

Well here’s a little about me, my name is Charlotte, I’m from the lovely city of Bristol. I’ve always took and interest in fashion and in which for the past 5 years it is a subject in which I have been studying, and have now finally graduated from Somerset College of Arts and Technology, after 3 years (a very long 3 years). Although I am going to miss the Student lifestyle of Takeaways, late nights, lying in bed and mess!! I suppose its now time to take the plunge in to the real world, Bit scary but hey, we will see how it goes.

My time at Zuma the dog all began when Sam (Zuma’s Mummy) offered me the placement after seeing my work at our graduate degree show held at the college back in June. A few emails later and my first day arrived and I was ready to roll. After settling in and or course a lovely cup of tea, it was time to meet the star himself, Zuma. I was soon greeted with cuddles, woofing and big slobbery kisses, and after a few games of fetch I think we’ve become quite good friends.

In my first couple of days I started of by creating some new logos for the new exciting sound chip t-shirt, which will come in 5 bright fabulous colours, this should be available next year. Over the last week I have learnt that there are many different aspects to having your own business. From design, development, shipping, sales and distribution, marketing and PR, book keeping and accounts, There’s a lot to remember, good job Sam knows what she’s doing. I’ve also been social networking, using sites such as facebook and Twitter. Heard a lot of the Celebs use twitter, never known what it’s about but I do now, And today I’m trying my hand at my first Blogging experience.

All in all I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I have learnt a lot about the business met some nice people and been given a lot of advice. Zuma the Dog deffinately gets a big thumbs up from me! So visit the website to se a great range of cool designer kids clothing available to buy and maybe start your Christmas shopping early, Only 4 months to go!!

I think that’s about it really, well it’s been fun,

So in the words of a Bristolian

Cheers me babbers


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